Autism training programme for professionals

Specialist training is provided for professionals to enhance their knowledge and understanding of Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

The training outlined is versatile and adaptable, adjusted to suit the needs of the individual with autism, the staff and their settings.

The training content is primarily person centred, helping us to understand the individual’s ASD needs as well as incorporating the needs of the care settings.

The strategies explored are used successfully on a national & international level, and are advocated by many professional bodies. The training is delivered in a way that utilises both theory and practice to ensure maximum learning.

Modules available:

  • Introduction to autism and Aspergers Syndrome. An introductory guide to developing life skills.
  • Introduction to autism in the classroom.
  • Two day structured approach to autism (incorporating TEACCH)
  • Understanding and managing behaviours' that challenge.
  • Understanding the triad and practical strategies -
    Communication, imagination and social interaction.
    Introducing ‘Theory of Mind’.
  • A practical guide to: eating, sleeping and toileting management (understanding and incorporating routines for the individual with autism).
  • An introduction to sensory sensitivities and behaviour.
  • Understanding and using Social Stories™.
  • Bespoke training.


Please contact me for further details regarding training and course costs.

All group sizes considered.


"My teachers think they know more about Autism than me because they have been on a course. But I have been Autistic all my life!"

Mathew Stanton
(Individual with Autism)