ASD Behaviour Management Consultancy

My consultation service was initially developed as a response to institutions and families in crisis. The requirement was to provide support to teachers, professionals or parents in need of emergency advice for a child/adult in crisis.

I offer an effective behaviour management package, designed specifically to enable the professional or parent to provide the best support for the individual in a short space of time.

The behaviour management package consists of:

  • Initial consultation, to collate information regarding the situation.
  • An observation (in school/home/work), designed to minimise stress put upon the individual.
  • An opportunity to discuss or debrief with the professional or parent regarding the observations.
  • A full report including detailed recommendations.
  • A post report consultation period to support any changes made.

This service can also be made available as a regular on site provision.
Longer-term packages tend to maximise the learning potential for both parties.

Family specific support

A similar package to the above is available, offering home support and family focused Behaviour Management Programmes. The type and length of the package is determined by the whole family's needs.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss any matters further.
CV, references and client statements available upon request.


"Learning how each individual Autistic person’s senses function is one crucial key to understanding that person."

L. O'Neill
(Individual with Autism)